Abstract Topics

01. Innovative sensing methods for environmental research

02. Long-term environmental observation for understanding the Earth system in the Anthropocene

03. Remote sensing for improved analysis of soil-vegetation-atmosphere dynamics at the regional scale

04. Temporal variability of Critical Zone processes using high-resolution bio- and geoarchives

05. Measuring and modelling water storage dynamics

06. Biogeochemical processes at the soil and catchment scale

07. Novel methods for the integration and exploration of environmental data

08. Extreme events in the critical zone: Water and matter transport during floods and droughts

09. Intermittent streams and processes at the groundwater - surface water interface

10. Water and biogeochemical cycles in Earth system models

11. Mountain ecosystems in a changing world

12. Model data fusion: Improving model prediction and process understanding

13. Mineral/biota interactions, rates and processes in the formation of the critical zone

14. Challenges in understanding Critical Zone processes in Africa

Last Modified: 01.03.2023